Hydrocarbon Analyzer

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Hydrocarbon Analyzer
DufonExport Lab Equipment Name: Hydrocarbon Analyzer
DufonExport Lab Equipment Category Code: DUFONLAB-LAB900044

Laboratory Tender, Lab Catalog Description and Lab Specifications

Designed to meet field monitoring requirements.
In the analytical mode, it gives fast and accurate quantitative data for total petroleum
hydrocarbons in water and vapor.
The data correlates very well with lab gas chromatographic analysis. In the screening
mode, it offers fast relative data on TPH contamination.

Remediation Monitoring
Site Assessment
Well Plume Monitoring
Storm/Waste Water Monitoring
Hydrocarbon Breakthrough
Leak Detection AST/UST

Detects Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Directly in Water, Vapor and Floating Liquid
Operates in Analytical or Screening Mode
Provides In-Situ, Real-Time Information
Quick Zero
Automatic Media Sensing
Easy to Use – Menu-Driven Software
3rd Party Certified Equivalent to EPA Method 8020
Florida DEP Approved Equivalent to FID for Soil Vapor Analysis
Probe Stability Indicator
Logs Data from 100 Samples
Serial Output to Laptop
Easy to Calibrate
Logs data from 100 samples.
Easy to calibrate.
Serial output to laptop or printer.
Easy to use menu driven software.
Operation range: 0-2,000 ppm as TPH
Lower limit of Detection: 0.1 ppm as xylene
Hydrocarbons Detected: C6 and higher MW petroleum hydrocarbons
Accuracy/Precision: +10% of reading
Response Time (initial): <5 seconds
Response time (to 95%): < minutes
Operating Temperature Range: 0o - 50oC
Trend Correlation with GC data: 95%

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